Are Natural Fibers The Hottest New Trend For Running Socks?

Zensah® launches Copper and Wool Running Socks to deliver a fresh set of benefits to athletes

Zensah, the athletic compression apparel company, has recently launched Copper and Wool Running Socks to expand their portfolio of athletic gear. With a reputation for quality and comfort, Zensah applies seamless technology to all of its apparel products. Since Zensah was founded in 2004, the company has established itself as a strong presence in the running community and is continuing to grow in different sports markets.

Most commonly known for having the #1 selling compression leg sleeves in the US, Zensah offers a wide variety of athletic apparel designed to improve athletic performance, prevent injury, and alleviate muscle and joint pain. Although Zensah already offers several types of running socks, the new Copper and Wool Socks give running an entirely new feel.

Copper, a mineral commonly associated with health and wellness, has become a growing trend in the athletic apparel industry. Zensah's Copper Running Socks are made with Cupron yarn that is embedded with copper ions. The copper provides extra durability and allows the socks to withstand frequent use and high impact. A mesh design keeps the socks dry and odor-free, so athletes can explore new environments and train year-round.

Like other Zensah products, the Copper Running Socks and Wool Running Socks use high-end fibers for ultimate comfort and functionality. The innovative designs, flat seames and natural fibers in the socks make them any runner's dream.

Zensah's copper socks have received high praise from customers for being "so comfortable and soft," to the point where wearing them has been described as "pampering for your feet."

Along with copper, wool has gained popularity in the athletic apparel industry. This may come as a surprise, since wool is often perceived to be hot, itchy, and uncomfortable. Zensah has trumped these common misconceptions about wool by successfully designing a sock that is breathable, comfortable, and natural. These socks are made with Climayarn, a blend of Merino wool and Polycolon. This blend is non-itch and provides moisture and temperature control in both warm and cold climates. Also, heavy cushioning creates soft padding in the toe and heel for high impact runs or workouts.

Marketing Director, Suzanne Kerpel, explains, "Wool might be one of the most misunderstood textiles out there. When designing the Wool Running Socks, we wanted to emphasize the benefits of this natural fiber, and use our technology to create something that is one-of-a-kind."

With the use of unique designs and high-quality fibers, Zensah has revolutionized the way we think about running socks and athletic apparel. Both the Copper and Wool Running Socks are available online at

About Zensah: Zensah® is a Miami-based company, specializing in sports compression apparel. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts, including runners, cyclists, triathletes, yoga enthusiasts, and soccer players praise their seamless compression products. Zensah® offers compression products for performance and recovery. According to Leisure Trends Group Specialty Running RetailTRAK™, Zensah® is the number one selling Compression Leg Sleeves in the USA for Running Specialty:

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